Liberty Baptist is passionate about helping kids grow in friendship with Jesus and spreading His love to everyone around them. Our ministries create a safe, secure, and enjoyable space for your children to discover the teachings of Jesus and help deepen their faith. Get ready to discover how amazing God is and experience the love of Jesus!
SUNDAY | Liberty Kids
Join us every Sunday morning at 10AM for Liberty Kids, designed for children ages 3 (potty trained) to 2nd grade.

We’re thrilled to use the engaging curriculum from New Springs Church, ensuring your little ones have a blast while diving deep into the Bible.

Our sessions revolve around verse memorization and key elements that immerse children in captivating Bible stories. Through a thoughtfully crafted 6-8 weeks study program, we bring these stories to life with video lessons, interactive games, and uplifting songs.

And here’s the best part: at the end of each course, your child receives well-deserved recognition for mastering their Bible verses!
Our ultimate goal is to nurture a strong connection between these precious children and Jesus. We’re here to support parents, walking alongside them as we shape future
generations to become true warriors of the Word.
Wednesday nights starting at 6:30PM through the school calendar year.
Awana is a worldwide ministry focused on providing Bible-based discipleship solutions for children ages 5-5th grade. Children have the chance to discover how to place their faith in Jesus Christ and develop a comprehension of how to faithfully follow Him.

At Liberty, we are a group of young prayer warriors that spend time learning about and digging through the Bible. We want children to understand what the Bible means and how to use it. Awana provides opportunities for children to know, love and serve Jesus.